Lambi beach and the Pelagos Suites Hotel

An accommodation experience on Kos’ most cosmopolitan beach

The Pelagos Suites Hotel is situated on the beachfront of Lambi beach, one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Kos, on an impressive property of almost 40.000 m2. Conveniently situated near the center of Kos town, the hotel’s location combines easy access to the beach, the town of Kos and every major destination on the island, without compromising the calmness and tranquility of its premises.


Distances from Pelagos Suites Hotel:

Kos Town: 2,5 km, Harbour: 2,5 km, Psalidi: 4,5 km, Tigaki: 12 km, Marmari: 15 km, Mastichari: 22 km, Airport: 26 km, Kardamena: 30 km, Kefalos: 42 km